Gia was my 1st Professional model while still in my amateur days. She drove all the way from Massachusetts at the time, although she is originally from Europe...Bulgaria, I think. I had a very good MUA at the time (Jamie Arabolos) who did a tremendous artistic job on Gia's face. Although me and Gis only worked together once, we had fun working together that day.


Samantha Oliveras: The 1st 18 year old to model for me. It was many years since I had a teenager in my shoot. But she showed so much potential and I had to reach for the opportunity. Since her, there has been an uprise in Teens looking to model for me. Circa: Nov.2016 

Sam 1

Johannie: My 1st Professional Tattoo model. She was a very good in the studio and definitely had experience in front of the camera. She is the one who taught me to use WeTransfer, therefore putting a stop to the picture CDs I kept making for people who modeled for me. And she my 1st model of 2016. 

Jo story

The Last model I shot in Japan; Kyoto Suguira. She was my coworker in Japan and there was another coworker with the same first name, so I nicknamed her "K-2". It took a while to ask but, she finally decided to model for me. At the time, Gal fashion was big in Japan. K-2 had a very typical Gal look at the time but, I thought she was worthy of a photoshoot. Feb.2010


The last model I shot in 2008 before moving to Japan. Susan Hope Park is the 3rd model I worked with that is of Korean origin. She was really into Fitness and was a young mother. I was very fortunate to shoot an Asian model like her because models like her are Very rare in the state of Connecticut. She could've been on the cover of Maxim magazine.


This is Chantal. A very educated model from NYC. After years of failed attempts to get African-American women to model for me, only one responded. She came all the way down from NYC to Connecticut to work with me. I always wanted to shoot a woman in a long red dress and That day, I got what I wanted. Chantal is the 1st African-American model in my portfolio.

Woman in Red

One of my most earliest models when I was 1st starting out. I first shot Nitza when she was 19. She was just starting to model for the first time and I was her first photographer. We worked together several times. As she got older, she got better and moved on to other photographers. She modeled for me many years later. In this shot, it's 2012. Nitza is a very accomplished model, today and I'm proud of her. She is the 1st Spanish model in my portfolio.


This is Jenna. The 1st Chinese model I ever had. She was a quiet one but very good in the studio. I would highly recommend her to any photographer. I shot her in February and the studio was cold that day. Even though I can see her suffering during the shoot because of the low temperature, she never complained. She's also the only model I shot without ANY makeup due to my MUA not showing up at the shoot. It turns out, her natural beauty was very sufficient. I model such as her is very rare in my state as far as models of Chinese decent.
Jenna (CU)


In 2007, This is the 1st artistic shot I ever done. I was still an amateur and I was shooting a fellow college mate, at the time.  We stepped out of the studio and into the hallway. I saw a big throne-like chair and I told Becca to sit in it. I put my light stand on one side of her, then told her to put up her leg. I took the shot and it became my most intriguing picture to date. Becca's the only model to shoot with me in 4 different towns.

Throne of Becca

The 1st Male model of my photoshoot experience. This is Arsalan. He was a very respectable character. Before him, it was quite difficult to get a male model in my portfolio and I had no experience shooting any guys at the time. When I discovered him, she gladly agreed to show up at my shoot. He was of Pakistani decent which is very rare to find among male models. I don't think he's modeling anymore but, he was a great guy to meet.


Sadie Holmes was the 1st model I worked with who was an active Cam Girl in the Adult Industry.  A very beautiful woman who had absolutely no fear of the camera and was very proud of her body. We came out with some very nice shots that day. She was very well in shape after having a baby.

Sadie (story)

Introducing April Ink. I was extremely fortunate to work with her. By the time I shot her, she just finished shooting some anime shoot for some Japanese studio, which explains why her hair is in this fashion. She was my 1st tattooed model and the 1st model to wear a corset during my shoot. Also, before her, I never watermarked my work. She taught me that. April Ink (shadow)

Tonya was a former Playboy Calendar girl by the time I shot her. She was my 1st Blonde model. We worked together twice and she's the only one to model for me in CT and NYC. Even though she was from upstate New York, she traveled all the way to work with me in my amateur days. I shot this picture in a studio in NYC. It was expensive but worth it.Tonya

Stephanie was the model who had the Longer hair than Any model I shot before her or since. She had long beautiful luscious brunette hair. We worked together twice. I wrapped her up in a sheet, told her to put one hand behind her and one in front, over her chest, I let the fan blow her hair all over the place and this is one of the shots I got.  Stephanie