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09 Oct 2015

Born and raised in New Haven, CT. Jonathan “Joose” Bogans has been doing photography since before digital cameras. Wedding photography is his strong suit. When he’s not doing weddings, he’s constantly upgrading his portfolio with Modeling Photography. He even did photography in Japan for a time and shot Japanese Weddings, etc. Photography has always been his passion and he’s constantly striving to get better and better.

“Dream it-Believe it-Acheive it!”

-Joose Bogans


“Did I go to a school for Photography? No. I just was exposed to it and developed a passion for it. And I’ve had mentors along the way. Photography is “Art”. And I’ve been perfecting my art for over 20 years. Photography is just a faster way of painting, that’s all. I respect the ability of the camera to freeze a moment in time. Photographs make history. I was a Communications Major in College, so I love the camera. My 1st camera was a point n shoot and I just kept moving forward. I just try to get better and Better!”